Deepin Desktop won’t be brought into openSUSE

I was trying to port Deepin Desktop to openSUSE during last years. But I decide to stop this work now. Deepin Desktop has many serious problems, so that is not fit to be supported by openSUSE official.

Ablilities of large number of  programmers in UOS (DDE is developed by UOS now) are not good. There are many low errors in their code. For example, The incorrect return function. They almost never enable compliler check options, so they don’t know there are many low errors in there code. And the most of deepin applications need hack to build.

And large mumber of programmers in UOS can not read and write English. These programmers just write annotation and git commit with Chinese. I doubt that how they understand the development documents of upsteam. The Qt and others usually don’t provide Chinese documents. Can they really develop a hign quality DE?

An arch developer, as well as a deepin developer, Felix Yan said many bugs were really hard to be fixed, so that they could not follow the version from deepin github relaese, and had to follow the Deepin community apricot repositoriy, meaned keep on the old version. He suggested the developers of other destributions to do it, until these bugs would be fixed.

About security issuses, which were reported by me in openSUSE bugzilla always don’t get any response from upstream, except for deepin-clone. They don’t have enough developer to deal with security issuses. It seems that the schedule is more important than security issuses for them.

I won’t bring a big trouble into openSUSE, I need a life! And these deepin applications which have been in openSUSE official no longer get any update until they will be invalid. because last version deepin applications can not run outside deppin desktop.


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  1. Fair enough, i think it’s a good measure and you wont be struggling with it.
    I’m sorry for Deepin not getting into openSUSE, but this shouldn’t be a PITA after all.

    Thanks for your efforts Hillwood.


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